Stephen Crystal (Ph. D., Harvard, 1981) is Board of Governors Professor and Distinguished Research Professor at the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research, where he directs the Center for Health Services Research, and the School of Social Work at Rutgers University. He is a leading social and behavioral scientist whose more than 350 papers and more than 100 technical reports, books, and other publications, with over 21,000 citations (h-index=79), have been highly influential in health systems and policy, substance use and treatment, mental and behavioral health, geriatric health services research, and health care outcomes, among other topics. He is recognized nationally for his rigorous and influential research on Medicaid and Medicare policies and systems, particularly for behavioral health care delivery, and he has made important contributions to research on healthcare disparities and heterogeneity of treatment and treatment response across a range of special populations, including older people, children, those with severe mental illness, those with substance use disorders, and others. Dr. Crystal has led many R-01 projects funded by NIDA, NIMH, and AHRQ, as well as the AHRQ­funded Center for Education and Research on Mental Health Therapeutics, which served as a national observatory, center of evidence generation, and stakeholder resource on the safe and effective use of medications in behavioral health. Through this and his many R-01 and R-18 funded studies, he has been a national leader in generating evidence on the comparative effectiveness of strategies for addressing behavioral health challenges in publicly funded populations. Dr. Crystal’s work has brought rigorous research design and statistical methodology to challenging behavioral health issues of major population health impact, aimed at improving care for populations struggling with behavioral and mental health challenges. He has been a frequent advisor to federal and state health agencies, congressional committees, foundations, and health plans. His scholarly and policy-analytic work on treatment quality and outcomes in Medicaid populations has been highly regarded both nationally and internationally. He also has first-hand experience in policy implementation through his experience as a bureau director in New York City's human services super-agency, responsible for implementing major Medicaid-funded initiatives for individuals with mental health and substance use issues.

Selected Publications

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