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Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work (Ph.D.)

Ph.D. Program Overview

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Social Work  in conjunction with the School of Graduate Studies-New Brunswick provides an outstanding program of academics and research. Here are a few key features: 

  • Rutgers is a member of the highly selective Association of American Universities (AAU) comprised of 62 leading research universities in North America.
  • Faculty are outstanding scholars in their respective fields.  
  • Starting in 2023-24, generous funding packages for all full-time students through the fifth year, with tuition, health coverage, and fees covered for the first five years.
  • Rutgers University is a vibrant and welcoming intellectual and social environment.
  • Location allows for easy access from New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

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If you are a prospective student interested in pursuing a Ph.D. or a dual MSW/Ph.D., visit Ph.D. admissions or dual degrees for information about how to apply. Call us at 848-932-5333 if you have questions.


Our Ph.D. program prepares you for a career as a faculty member, research scientist, or policy analyst and offers you:

  • Access to exceptional faculty
  • A dynamic, diverse, and accomplished student body from across the United States and the world.
  • Research facilities that rank among the best in our nation.
  • Research opportunities with faculty and institutes in areas including child welfare, poverty, violence against women and children, mental health services, addictions, gambling, international development, prevention, health, and public health.
  • Starting in 2023-24 generous funding packages for all full-time students through the fifth year, with tuition, health coverage, and fees covered for the first five years.
  • Strong professional development support, including funding for conferences
  • A commitment to advancing social justice and diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Outstanding job placements in academia and research.

Choose Your Research Opportunities

We have an extensive network of faculty and institutions that provide you with excellent faculty-supervised research opportunities. Choose from a variety of areas, including health, poverty, interpersonal violence, mental health, gerontology and aging, immigration, public health, community practice, child welfare, addictions, gambling, international development, prevention, global issues, and more. Explore your options and talk with your advisor about your interests.

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Ph.D. Syllabi

Click links below to view individual course syllabi. 

Recent Ph.D. Dissertations

  • Roxanna Ast Dissertation Title: Quality of Life Among LGBTQ+ Survivors of IPV: A Sequential Exploratory Mixed Method Approach                                     Dissertation Chair: Victoria Banyard

    Julia L. Cusano Dissertation Title:  The Role of Social Reactions and Students' Perceptions of the University's Response to Sexual Violence Disclosures Among College Students                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Dissertation Chair: Sarah McMahon

    Brett MacGyver Greenfield Dissertation Title: Exploring Connections Among Early Attachment Relationships, Adoption Decision-Making, And Parental Identity Among Queer Couples                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Dissertation Chair: Edward Alessi

    Kate Golden Guzman Dissertation Title: The Cultural Salience of Belongingness: How Placement Neighborhoods And Ecological Factors Shape Adolescent Experiences Of Fitting in During Out-Of-Home Care                                                                                                                                                 Dissertation Chair: Cassandra Simmel

    Christine James Dissertation Title:  Serious School Discipline & Law Enforcement Involvement Among Urban Youth with Disabilities: Implications For Transition To Adulthood                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dissertation Chair: Dr. Lenna Nepomynaschy

    Feng-Yi Liu  Dissertation Title: Maternal Instrumental Social Support, Parenting Stress, and Toddlers’ Social-Emotional Development                                   Dissertation Chair: Joy Kim

    Rebecca Logue-Conroy Dissertation Title: Fathers’ Use of Leave At The Birth Of A Child: An Examination Of Factors Influencing Fathers’ Leave-Taking Behaviors  Dissertation Chair: Anna Haley

    Camille S. McKenzie Dissertation Title: Business of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Examining the Effect of Health Insurance Literacy on Forgoing or Delaying Preventive Health Care Services                                                                                                                                                                                   Dissertation Chair: Patricia A. Findley

    Mariam Tariq Rashid Dissertation Title: Exploring the Equity Of Youth Tobacco Use Prevention In New Jersey: Geospatial Analysis and Policy Evaluation                Dissertation Chair: N. Andrew Peterson

    Jennifer Schrum Dissertation Title: Self-Determination Theory and Food Insecurity: A Mixed-Methods Study of a Client Choice Food Pantry                        Dissertation Chair: N. Andrew Peterson 

    Peter Treitler  Dissertation Title: Treatment Initiation and Engagement Following Opioid-Related Emergency Department and Inpatient Hospital Visits         Dissertation Chair: Stephen Crystal

  • Iris Cardenas Dissertation TitleFormal Help-seeking Among Intimate Partner Violence Survivors: Identifying Survivors' Characteristics and Variations Between Latinas and Non-Latinas                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dissertation Chair: Andrew Peterson

    Laurent Reyes  Dissertation Title: A Phenomenological Study Exploring Experiences of Civic Participation Among Older African-Americans and Latinx Immigrants Using an Intersectional Life Course Perspective                                                                                                                                                                                       Dissertation Chair: Emily Greenfield

  • Hsiu-Fen Lin Dissertation Title: Female Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: Financial Strain, Depression, and Financial Education Intervention              Dissertation Chair: Judy L. Postmus

    Jordan Steiner Dissertation Title: The Relationship Between Sexual Violence And Mental Distress For Female Adolescents And Young Women In Malawi  Dissertation Chair: Judy L. Postmus

    Yuqi Wang Dissertation Title: Neighborhood Effects on Social Isolation and Loneliness Among Community-dwelling Older Adults.                                         Dissertation Chair: N. Andrew Peterson

  • Evalyne Kerubo Orwenyo: Dissertation Title: Participation, Social Isolation, Biculturalism, and Empowerment: A Virtual Ethnography of Kenyan Diaspora Women Living in North America
    Dissertation Chair: N. Andrew Peterson

  • Julia O'ConnorDissertation Title: Rape myths and proclivity to perpetrate in male college students
    Dissertation Chair: Sarah McMahon

    Shrivridhi Shukla: Dissertation Title:  A Phenomenological Inquiry of Women Living with HIV Caring for Family Members Living with HIV in India: Pathways Through Authoritative Knowledge and Self-Efficacy Towards Resilience
    Dissertation Chair:  Judith L.M. McCoyd

    Kate Stepleton: Dissertation Title:  Care Coordination as a Preventative Intervention: Effects on Child Welfare Outcomes
    Dissertation Chair:  Michael MacKenzie

  • Sangeeta Chatterji: Dissertation Title: Like Mother Like Daughter: Mothers' Education and Investment in Daughters' Education in India
    Dissertation Chair: Lenna Nepomnyaschy

    Katherine Findley: Dissertation Title:  Trafficking in Persons for the Removal of Organs in India 
    Dissertation Chair:  Patricia Findley

    Elizabeth Matthews: Dissertation Title:  Electronic Health Records in Social Work Practice: The Impact of Collaborative Documentation on Person-Centered Care
    Dissertation Chair:  Beth Angell

    Jillian Stein: Dissertation Title:  Does Industry Sector Matter?  An Examination of the Relationship Between Industry and Rearrest
    Dissertation Chair: Jeounghee Kim

  • James Fedor:  Dissertation Title:  "A Victim is a Victim": Barriers to Culturally Competent Service Delivery to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender Crime Victims
    Dissertation Chair:  Michael LaSala

    Denalee O’Malley:  Dissertation Title:  Examining the Impact of Diabetic Status on Multiple Outcomes Among Cancer Survivors
    Dissertation Chair:  Patricia A. Findley

    Samantha Winter:  Dissertation Title: Identifying Factors Associated With Women’s Sanitation Practices in Informal  Settlements in Sub-Saharan Africa:  A Case Study of Mathare Valley in Nairobi, Kenya
    Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson

  • Fiona Conway:  Dissertation Title:  Aggressive Behavior and Alcohol Use:  Classification of College Athletes
    Dissertation Chair:  Darcy Clay Siebert

    Gretchen L. Hoge:  Dissertation Title:  Understanding and Measuring Economic Self-Sufficiency in the Context of Intimate Partner Violence and Immigration:  A Mixed-Method Study
    Dissertation Chair:  Judy L. Postmus

    Alexis Jemal:  Dissertation Title:  Transformative Consciousness of African American Racial Oppression and White Racial Privilege:  Conceptualization, Scale Development and Testing
    Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson

    Shuang Lu:  Dissertation Title:  Well-Being of Migrant and Left-Behind Children in China
    Dissertation Chair:  Chien-Chung Huang

    Sheila McMahon:  Dissertation Title:  Examining Relationships Among Student Empowerment, Sense of Community, and the Implicit Curriculum:  A Multigroup Analysis of Race and Ethnicity
    Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson

    Alexandra Redcay:  Dissertation Title:  The Impact of Attraction and Identity Fluidity on Depressive Symptoms in Young Adults:  Exploring Gender as a Moderator
    Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson

    Amanda Mathisen Stylianou:  Dissertation Title:  The Impact of Economic Abuse on Depressive Symptoms Among Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
    Dissertation Chair:  Judy L. Postmus

  • Louis Donnelly:  Dissertation Title:  Neighborhood Disadvantage and School Dropout:  A Multilevel Analysis of Mediating Contexts
    Dissertation Chair:  Ayse Akincigil

    Kerrie L. Ocasio:  Dissertation Title:  Understanding Individual Level Motivations for Repeat Service Use in a Family Support Program
    Dissertation Chair:  Beth Angell

    Bonnie Fader Wilkenfeld:  Dissertation Title:  Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover:  Contextual Antecedents of Identity Complexity in Individuals with Development Disabilities
    Dissertation Chair:  Judith McCoyd 

  • Aleksandr M. Cheryomukhin:  Dissertation Title:  Development and Validation of the Azerbaijani Empowerment Scale:  Support and New Implications for Theory
    Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson

    Bradley Anton Forenza:  Dissertation Title:  Civic Engagement Among Youth Aging out of Foster Care:  Processes and Outcomes of a Statewide Initiative
    Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson

    Jamey D. Lister:  Dissertation Title:  The Relationship of Gambling Goals and Loss/Win Conditions to Chasing Behavior During Slot Machine Play
    Dissertation Chair:  Lia Nower

    Kristen C. Niemczyk-Kistner:  Dissertation Title:  U.S. Physicians Treatment of Adolescent Tobacco Use
    Dissertation Chair:  Ayse Akincigil

    Anasuya Ray:  Dissertation Title:  In the Shadows of Armed Conflict:  Exploring Everyday Violence in Afghanistan
    Dissertation Chair:  Jeffrey Longhofer

  • Heather F. Harcourt:  Dissertation Title: Judging Failures in Moral Development: The Classification of Antisocial Behavior
    Dissertation Chair: Kathleen Pottick

    Nadine Murshid:  Dissertation Title: Examining Linkages Among Microfinance Participation, Domestic Violence, and Help-Seeking Social Networks in Bangladesh: A Mixed-Methods Study
    Dissertation Chair: Allison Zippay

    Kristen Gilmore Powell:  Dissertation Title: Empowerment and Effectiveness: A Mixed Methods Study of Coalition Building Within a Statewide Substance Abuse Prevention Context
    Dissertation Chair: N. Andrew Peterson

    Jessica Strong:  Dissertation Title:  Women at War:  A Qualitative Study of Combat Experiences of Female Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
    Dissertation Chair:  Beth Angell

    Corinne D. Warrener:  Dissertation Title: Sense of Entitlement and Dating Abusive Behavior in College Dating Relationships
    Dissertation Chair: Chien-Chung Huang

  • Christine M. Allegra:  Dissertation Title: The Influence of Neighborhood Characteristics, Peer Delinquency, and Attitudes Approving of Violence During Adolescence on Male-to-Female Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration in Young Adulthood
    Dissertation Chair: Antoinette Farmer

    Mi Sung Kim:  Dissertation Title:  The Role of Maternal Verbal Sensitivity During Parent-Child Shared Book Reading in Socio-Emotional Functioning in the Preschool Years
    Dissertation Chair:  Judith C. Baer

    Cory M. Morton:  Dissertation Title: Alcohol Outlets and Child Maltreatment: The Moderating Effect of Access to Community Substance Abuse and Prevention Facilities
    Dissertation Chair: N. Andrew Peterson

    Kathleen Giblin Ray:  Dissertation Title: Protecting Newly Deployed Troops from PTSD: The Role of Preparedness
    Dissertation Chair: N. Andrew Peterson

    Svetlana Shpiegel:  Dissertation Title: Resilience Among Youth Emancipating from Foster Care: Cumulative Risk and Protection and Their Relationship with Positive Adaptation
    Dissertation Chair: Kathleen Pottick

    Jeoung Ah Yoo:  Dissertation Title:  The Effects of Domestic Violence on Behavior Problems of Preschool Children
    Dissertation Chair:  Chien-Chung Huang

    Joelle Zabotka:  Dissertation Title:  “How Could I Have Done This?”:    A Qualitative Study of Birth Mothers Who Have Children Diagnosed With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
    Dissertation Chair:  Michael LaSala

Ph.D. Graduates and Candidates on the Job Market.

2022-2023 CV Booklet

Roxanna S. Ast


Education: PhD, Rutgers University School of Social Work (expected 2023); MSW, Rutgers University; MSc, Psychological Studies, University of Glasgow; BA, English Literature and Translation, Guilan University. Research Interests: Quality of life and health outcomes in the LGBTQ+ community; Community and policy response to violence; Identity development and media representation; Violence prevention; Evaluation research; Research and data ethics, and CBPR- MMR. Honors: Recipient of: 2022- IIDEA Emerging Scholar Award; 2022- The Melissa Institute Belfer-Aptman Award; 2021- Office of the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs Fellowship; 2019- SGS Off Campus Dissertation Development Award. Research Experience: Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Research on Ending Violence (REV)- Rutgers University; Research and evaluation consultant, Ryan White Grant at Fox Caring Consultants; Research Assistant, Institute For Families, Rutgers University; Research and evaluation intern, Safe Horizon. Practice Experience: Ryan White planning council and committee coordinator, Fox Caring Consultants; Program Specialist, Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey; Domestic violence case worker intern, Women Aware; Mental health assistant, Carr Gomm- UK; Interpreter for Middle Eastern refugee and asylum seekers, British Red Cross; TEFL instructor for Middle Eastern refugees and immigrants- Borna Institute. E-mail address: rsa94@ssw.rutgers.edu

Yafan Chen


Education: Ph.D., School of Social Work, Rutgers University (expected May 2023); MSW, Rutgers University School of Social Work, 2017; Bachelor of Art in Editing and Publishing Science, South China University of Technology, 2015. Research Interests: Child adversity and trauma; child development and well-being; developmental psychopathology; exposure to intimate partner violence; intimate partner violence in Asian American communities. Research Experience: Doctoral Research Intern (07/2022-present) with Dr. Yoon Joon Choi. Doctoral Research Assistant (01/2022- present) with Dr. Jacquelynn Duron. Doctoral Research Intern (09/2021-04.2022) with Drs. Paul Boxer and Jacquelynn Duron. Graduate Assistant (2018-2021), Research Assistant (2015-present), with Dr. Chien-Chung Huang. Teaching Experience: HBSE: Understanding Violence and Abuse in Childhood (MSW course instructor, in-person); Ph.D. Research Development Seminar (guest speaker). Teaching Interests: Human Behavior and the Social Environment (HBSE); HBSE: Understanding Violence and Abuse in Childhood; Social Work Practice I & II; Methods of Social Work Research I & II; Social Welfare Policy and Services II: Violence against Women and Children.Practice Experience: Assistant Director, Project Manager, BSW Task Supervisor, and Program Coordinator, Huamin Research Center at Rutgers University; Co-Director of China Study Abroad and Service-Learning Summer Program, Rutgers University; Part- time Therapist, Family Therapy and Consultation Services and United Family Services; Clinical MSW Intern, Rapid Psychotherapy, LLC. Licensure: Licensed Social Worker in New Jersey. Email Address: yafan.chen@rutgers.edu

Julia Cusano


Current Position: Research Specialist and Campus Climate Assessment Coordinator, Center for Research on Ending Violence, Rutgers University School of Social Work. Education: PhD, Rutgers University School of Social Work (expected 2022); MSW, Rutgers University, 2015; BA, Psychology and Sociology (double major), University of Delaware, 2013. Research Interests: Sexual violence among college students; help-seeking behaviors among collegiate survivors of sexual violence; campus-based interventions for sexual violence; and evaluation research. Research Experience: Research Assistant, Dr. Sarah McMahon, Center for Research to End Violence at Rutgers University School of Social Work. Teaching Experience: Part-time lecturer Research Methods I (MSW). Practice Experience: Project Coordinator, Center for Research to End Violence at Rutgers University School of Social Work; Grant and Data Management Specialist, New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence, NJ. Honors/Awards: Above and Beyond Award, Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance 2019; Dean’s Research Award School of Social Work, Rutgers University 2015-2016; Recipient of Yetta H. and Hyman Appel Scholarship, Rutgers University 2015. Email Address: jcusano@ssw.rutgers.edu

View CV: 

Brett Greenfield


Education: PhD, Rutgers University School of Social Work (Expected: 2023); MDiv, George W. Truett Theological Seminary (2017); MSW, Baylor University (2014); BSW, Baylor University (2013). Honors: University & Louis Bevier Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2022-2023; CSWE/GADE/SSWR Doctoral Student Policy Forum (Summer 2021); Rutgers University School of Graduate Studies Pre-Dissertation Summer Study Award (2018). Research Interests: Children & families impacted by child welfare services; adoption & foster care; LGBTQ+ families & youth; attachment & development. Research Experience: Graduate Assistant: Rutgers University School of Social Work Child Welfare and Well-Being Research Unit (Dr. Cassandra Simmel); Research assistant for Dr. Edward Alessi; Consultant for NORC at the University of Chicago; Adult Attachment Interview Institute (Summer 2018); Working Model of the Child Interview Training (Summer 2018). Teaching Experience: Research Methods I, Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Children’s Mental Health Services (Rutgers University School of Social Work); MSW Field Instructor (Baylor University); Guest Lecturer (NYU, Baylor University). Practice Experience: LMSW (Texas); Advanced Practice Case Manager, Methodist Children’s Home, Waco, TX (3 years); Trust-Based Relational Intervention, Educator; Circle of Security Intervention, Registered Facilitator. E-mail: brett.greenfield@rutgers.edu

Christine James


Education: Ph.D. (expected 2022), Rutgers University School of Social Work; MSW, Rutgers University School of Social Work (2003); BA, Psychology, Rutgers University (1997). Research Interests: Disability; diversity; poverty; health disparities; transition-age youth with disability; transition to adulthood outcomes for youth with disability.Fellowship: Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Social Work Fellow, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) (2017-2018). Research Experience: Research Internship with Dr. Lenna Nepomnyaschy (2020); Independent research project with Dr. Lenna Nepomnyaschy, Dr. Manuel Jimenez, & Dr. Roy Wade: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) & teen behavior outcomes: The role of disability (2019); Independent research project with Dr. Lenna Nepomnyaschy: Intellectual disability & transition preparation to adult healthcare among youth with special healthcare needs (2018) Teaching Interests: Disability & Healthcare; Program Evaluation; Diversity & Oppression; Social Justice; Macro Practice. Teaching Experience: Part-time Lecturer, Rutgers University School of Social Work, Diversity & Oppression (in person and online MSW), Human Behavior in the Social Environment (in person BASW), Introduction to Social Work (online BASW); professional trainer for non-profit providers, including NASW-NJ Leadership Certificate Program. Practice Experience: Licensed Social Worker (LSW) in NJ & PA; Chief Compliance Officer, PATH, Inc., Philadelphia (current); Assistant Division Director, NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities; Director, Employee Development & Communications, PATH, Inc., Philadelphia; Director, Quality Improvement & Training, PATH, Inc., Philadelphia; Volunteer positions: President, Southwestern Social Work Association; President, National Association of Social Workers – NJ Chapter (NASW-NJ). Email Address: cmjames@rutgers.edu



Education: Ph.D. (expected 2023), Rutgers University School of Social Work; A.M. (MSW), University of Chicago, 2016; Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Fudan University, 2013. Research Interests: Broad focus on the well-being of children living in poverty and intersection with employment and work-life policies and programs; Dissertation examines the effects of mothers’ nonstandard work schedules and longitudinal child well-being. Honors (selected): Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad (2020); Cum Laude Fudan University (2011). Research Experience: Research Assistant (Dr. Lenna Nepomnyaschy); Research Assistant (Dr. Joy Jeoung-hee Kim); Research Assistant (Dr. Chien- Chung Huang); Graduate Assistant (Institute for Families); Research Assistant (Center for Prevention Science); Research Assistant (Dr. Shi-Zheng Feng); and Research Assistant (Dr. Stephen Baker). Teaching Interests: Human Behavior and the Social Environment; Social Welfare Policy and Services; Methods of Social Work Research; and HBSE: Developmental Perspectives on Child Well-Being. Teaching Experience: Advanced Contemporary Policy: Children & Youth; Co-Instructor of Study Abroad: Social Welfare System in China (summer 2019) and Service Learning Abroad: Social Work in China (summer 2019). Practice Experience: Trainer at Leadership Enhancement Program at Erikson Institute, Chicago; Program Assistant at Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission, Chicago; Team Leader at the Department of Aging at the Chinese American Service League, Chicago; Career Specialist at the Employment Department at Chicago House, Chicago. Email Address: hy.jin@rutgers.edu

Feng-Yi Liu


Education: PhD Candidate, Rutgers University School of Social Work (expected 2022); Master of Social Welfare, National Chung Cheng University (CCU) Chiayi, Taiwan; Master of Mathematical Statistics, Columbia University in New York City, New York, NY; BA in Social Welfare, National Chung Cheng University (CCU) Chiayi, Taiwan.Research Interests: Early childhood education and care policy; immigration policy; immigrant child well-being; child poverty; comparative analysis of social welfare policies; computational social science. Honors: Rutgers’ federal Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) Award; Rutgers Research Travel Award, support for academic conference presentation at Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) in 2019; Rutgers GA Professional Development Awards, supported Project “Double Left Behind Children in NYC: The childcare arrangement among disadvantaged Chinese immigrant families”; Rutgers Special Study Award, Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) Summer Program University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Research Experience: Research Data Analyst, Center for State Health Policy in the Institute of Health, Rutgers; Research Assistant, New Jersey State Policy Lab; Graduate Assistant, Rutgers University School of Social Work Child Welfare and Well-Being Research Unit; Independent research, Dr. Joy Kim, Rutgers University (Mothers’ nonstandard work schedules and childcare); Research internship, Dr. Joy Kim, Rutgers University, New Jersey. Teaching Interests: Social Welfare Policy; Research Methods; Statistics. Teaching Experience: Part-Time Lecturer, Research Methods II (MSW) for the School of Social Work at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ.; Lecturer and Organizer, 2021 Summer Institute in Computational Social Science Workshop (Taiwan), Sage Publication. Email: yl936@ssw.rutgers.edu

Rebecca Logue-Conroy


Education: PhD candidate, Rutgers University School of Social Work (degree expected 2022); MSW, Smith College School for Social Work; Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and American Studies, Williams College. Honors/ Awards: Doctoral Student Academic Advancement Support Award, Rutgers University; Pass with Honors in Qualifying Exams, Policy and Theory section. Research Interests: Work-family policy; family leave policy; gender and the division of labor in the family; gender and work-family impacts of COVID-19; relationship between policy and family well-being; child welfare; social welfare policy. Research Experience: Research Associate, Center for Women and Work, Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations; Research Assistant, Child Welfare and Well-Being Unit, Rutgers University School of Social Work; Research Assistant with Dr. Anna Haley; Research Assistant, Center on Violence Against Women and Children; Graduate Assistant, Institute for Families; Research Assistant with Dr. Andrew Peterson, Center for Prevention Science; Graduate Assistant with Dr. Beth Angell, Involuntary Outpatient Unit project. Teaching Interests: Social Welfare Policy and Services, Child and Adolescent Policy, Family Policy, Quantitative Research. Email: rebecca.logueconroy@rutgers.edu 

Alicia Mendez


Education: PhD, Rutgers University School of Social Work (Expected 2023); MSW, Rutgers University, 2020; BA, Psychology, University of Washington, 2016. Research Interests: Intergenerational trauma, post-traumatic growth, childhood sexual abuse, child welfare services and policy, first-generation college students, minoritized students. Awards (selected): Student and Early Career Council (SECC) Dissertation Research Funding Award, Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD); Student Award for Leadership and Service, The Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education in Social Work (GADE); Award for Anti-Racist Leadership and Service, The Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education in Social Work (GADE). Research Experience: Project Director, Dr. Emily Bosk & Dr. Emmy Tiderington, Evaluation of the Keeping Families Together Program. Project Director, Dr. Emily Bosk, Integrating Substance Abuse Treatment with Trauma Informed Practice Evaluation of the ARC Model. Graduate Assistant, Dr. Emily Bosk, In-Home Recovery Evaluation. Graduate Assistant, Dr. Cassandra Simmel & Dr. Stephen Crystal, PCORI Comparative Effectiveness of State Psychotropic Oversight Systems. Teaching Experience: Developed ‘Confronting Anti-Black Racism’ course for BSW-level students at Rutgers University. As of Fall 2022 it is being offered university-wide. Taught ‘Diversity and Oppression,’ ‘Adolescents Risk and Resilience,’ ‘Confronting Anti-Black Racism,’ and ‘Basics of Research.’ Teaching Interests: Anti-racist pedagogies, Violence against women and children, Adolescence, Research methods, Social policy. Practice Experience: Counselor for Copper Mountain College, Joshua Tree, CA; Clinical Administrative Assistant for the Center for Great Expectations, Somerset, NJ; Crisis line advocate and shelter advocate at the Domestic Abuse Women’s Network, Seattle. WA. Service: Student Director at Large for the Society for Social Work Research (SSWR) & Chair of the SSWR Doctoral Student Committee; Graduate Student Mentor for the Ronald E. McNair Program at Rutgers University Email: ams801@ssw.rutgers.edu

Addam Reynolds


Education: PhD, Rutgers University School of Social Work (expected 2023); MSW, Rutgers University School of Social Work (RU-SSW) 2017; BS, Biological Science, Rutgers University, Cook College, 2007. Research Interests: Social gerontology, cognitive aging, health disparities, social determinants of health, gene-environment interactions. Honors: Association for Gerontology Education in Social Work (AGESW) Pre-Dissertation Fellows Program recipient (2019); MSW Fellowship in Aging, RU-SSW (2017). Research Experience: Research Assistant, Dr. Gabriel Robles, RU-SSW, using a discrete choice experiment to better understand PrEP preferences among Latinx sexual minority males; Research Assistant, Dr. Karen Zurlo, RU-SSW, evaluating a non-medical community program; Graduate Assistant, Dr. Emily Greenfield, RU-SSW, studying how early life circumstances influences later life cognition Graduate Assistant, Dr. Lia Nower, Center for Gambling Studies, RU-SSW, studying the predictors of gambling; Research Specialist, Dr. Margot Putukian, Department of Athletic Medicine, Princeton University, studying the natural history of concussion among college athletes; Research Assistant, Dr. Mark Gluck, Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience, Rutgers University- Newark, studying how exercise influences learning and memory among older Black adults. Teaching Experience: Research Methods II (MSW), Advanced Statistics I: Applied Regression, Lab Section (PhD), Advanced Statistics II: Generalized Linear Models, Lab Section (PhD). Teaching Interests: Gerontological social work, research methods. Email: addam.reynolds@rutgers.edu

Peter Treitler


Education: PhD in Social Work, Rutgers University (Expected 2023); MSW, Rutgers University, 2015; BS, Biology, The College of New Jersey, 2010; Research Interests: Substance use disorder treatment; medications for opioid use disorder; health care integration; behavioral health policies and services; Medicare and Medicaid policies; harm reduction; peer support interventions; prisoner re- entry and reintegration; desistance; criminal justice policy; mixed-methods; causal inference; Research Experience: Current Research Specialist, Center for Health Services Research, Institute for Health, Health Care Policy & Aging Research, Rutgers University; former Project Coordinator, Center for Prevention Science, Rutgers School of Social Work; former research intern at Child Welfare and Wellbeing Unit, Rutgers School of Social Work; Practice Experience: Prior experience as a substance abuse and mental health counselor in residential and outpatient levels of care; Teaching Experience: Instructor of Methods of Social Work Research I, Rutgers MSW program; guest lecturer for Intervention Research, Rutgers PhD program; Teaching Interests: Research methods; policy analysis; social work practice; social welfare policy & services; substance use disorders and treatment; forensic social work; criminology; health systems & policy; Honors/Awards: Selected for Justice Community Opioid Investigator Network (JCOIN) Capacity Building Research Education Core Investigator Program; Rutgers Graduate School Pre-Dissertation Award recipient; Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. Email: peter.treitler@rutgers.edu