Multimedia Project Summary

This MMP offers an overview of Equine-Assisted Social Work (EASW), an emerging novel complement to traditional social work practice. Horses and humans have been working together since early recorded history, and recent research has shown that partnering with horses in a therapeutic context can have numerous sensory benefits. Spending time in nature with horses can reduce stress levels and promote emotional regulation. Horses are also highly sensitive and attuned to human emotions, making them excellent therapeutic partners. This site is a resource for those interested in EASW.  Explore comprehensive definitions, learn about the diverse demographics served, discover the essential competencies required by practitioners, and access a wealth of supporting literature to further enhance your work in this rewarding field. 



Spett, D. (2023). Towards Ethical and Competent Equine-Assisted Social Work: A Qualitative Study. Smith College Studies in Social Work.