Professional Opportunities
Summer Internships

Policy Intern - ACLU of New Jersey (hybrid: Newark, NJ)

Government Affairs Intern - Everytown for Gun Safety (New York, NY or Washington, DC)

Local Government Affairs Intern - Everytown for Gun Safety (remote)


Intake and Family Coordinator - Nido De Esperanza (Nido) (New York, NY)

Policy Director - National Black Worker Center (remote)

Community Social Worker - Nido De Esperanza (Nido) (New York, NY)

Program Manager - NJ Division of Violence Intervention and Victim Assistance (VIVA) (Newark or Trenton, NJ)

Program Manager - Labor Innovations for the 21st Century Fund (LIFT) (remote)

Deputy Civic Engagement Director - One PA (Philadelphia, PA)

Senior Program Manager, Federal Technical Assistance, HUD - Corporation for Supportive Housing (Remote)

National Housing Initiative Engagement Coordinator - Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) (hybrid: New York, NY)

Social Work Case Manager - Legal Services of New Jersey (hybrid: Edison, NJ)

Mental Health Program Specialist 2 - NYS Office of Mental Health (hybrid: New York, NY)

Program Associate, Progressive Talent Pipeline - Demand Progress Education Fund (remote)

Fee for Service Social Work Clinician - Nido De Esperanza (Nido) (New York, NY)

Advocacy Manager - Unchained At Last (hybrid: Northern NJ)

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2024 NASW National Conference

"Social Work Leading Social Change"
Wednesday, June 19 - Monday, June 22, 2024
Omni Shoreham Washington Hotel, Washington, DC 

"Join more than 2,000 social workers, like-minded professionals, and social work thought leaders at NASW’s 2024 National Conference. Take advantage of unparalleled opportunities in professional development, continuing education, and networking. Engage in thought-provoking conversations tackling the most pressing issues facing the social work profession across the world.

  • Experience the latest education and insights from leaders in the social work field
  • Earn CE Credit toward licensure 
  • Engage with peers in the profession
  • Explore cutting-edge products, programs, and services in the Exhibit Hall

Review the Conference program and registration costs here!

Upcoming Events

The Effects Of Immigration Enforcement On Vulnerable Individuals And Communities
Presented by the University of Wisconsin–Madison Institute for Research on Poverty
Wednesday, April 24, 2024 
2:00 - 3:00pm
"Immigrants without legal status face many risks and challenges on a daily basis as they pursue a better life for themselves and their families. In addition, there is a ripple effect for members of their households and communities, even if others are citizens or are in the United States legally.

'In this webinar, we will explore impacts on the health, education, employment, and safety of members of already vulnerable communities when there is an actual increase in governmental surveillance or simply the looming threat of enforcement, and what that means for society as a whole."

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Is it Time to Get Rid of the Electoral College?
Presented by the League of Women Voters of New Jersey
Wednesday, April 24, 2024
7:30 - 8:30pm

"Darrell West, Senior Fellow and Douglas Dillon Chair in Governance Studies at at the Brookings Institution, will discuss the current and future likelihood for a constitutional amendment, and other possibilities for eliminating or reducing the impact of the Electoral College. He will also discuss the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, of which NJ has been a member for many years."

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Demand Rutgers Social Work Students are Paid for their Labor!!
Sign the Petition!
To learn more, follow the Rutgers Payment4Placements chapter and the Payment4Placements movement on Instagram: @rutgersp4p  @p4pnational

National Updates
5 Takeaways From a Year of Medicaid Upheaval
The New York Times
“More than half the nation’s children were covered by Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program before the unwinding began, and the toll on that population has been pronounced. Nearly five million children have lost Medicaid so far, according to state data analyzed by Georgetown researchers. About two million of them have been in Texas, Georgia and Florida, all of which have not expanded the program under the Affordable Care Act.”
West Virginia transgender sports ban discriminates against teen athlete, appeals court says
The Associated Press
“West Virginia’s transgender sports ban violates the rights of a teen athlete under Title IX, the federal civil rights law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in schools, an appeals court ruled Tuesday. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 that the law cannot be applied to a 13-year-old who has been taking puberty-blocking medication and publicly identified as a girl since she was in the third grade.”

The Supreme Court case that could turn homelessness into a crime, explained
“Six years ago, a federal appeals court held that the Constitution “bars a city from prosecuting people criminally for sleeping outside on public property when those people have no home or other shelter to go to.” Under the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Martin v. Boise, people without permanent shelter could no longer be arrested simply because they are homeless, at least in the nine western states presided over by the 9th Circuit.”

[Illinois] Lawmakers propose legislation over social worker shortage affecting mental health services
FOX Illinois
“SB3779 would allow a licensed clinical social worker or licensed social worker to have and administer opioid antagonists. SB2222 could award grants to school districts to provide stipends to social work interns. The third bill, SB3714, would create a program to provide loan repayment assistances to eligible professionals practicing in a hospice program.”

Local & Regional Updates
‘Food Farmacy’ offers medication and healthy groceries all in one place
NJ Spotlight News
“Patients visiting one clinic in Newark can now get their prescriptions filled on-site, right after their medical appointment. And upstairs they can talk privately with a registered dietitian about their condition, get tips for healthy eating and fill a bag with their choice of fresh fruit and produce, locally baked bread and everything they need for a balanced dinner — all at no extra cost.”

Botched Essex County bust shows need for better police misconduct disclosure, advocates say
New Jersey Monitor
“Under a pair of U.S. Supreme Court rulings decided more than a half-century ago known as Brady and Giglio, prosecutors must disclose to defense attorneys exculpatory evidence and any information that could taint the credibility of a witness, such as prosecutorial deals with cooperating witnesses or a history of misconduct by officers involved in a case. The goal is to ensure people get their constitutional right to a fair trial, by empowering jurors to judge a witness’ credibility for themselves as they weigh trial testimony.”

New Immigrants Drive Economic Growth in New Jersey
New Jersey Policy Perspective
Written by MSW alum, Marleina Ubel!
“Immigrants bring a wealth of skills and talents that enrich New Jersey’s arts, cuisine, and entertainment, add to the intellectual achievements across various fields, and play essential roles in the private and public sectors. Across the state, immigrants make significant contributions to their local communities and the broader economy through their labor, entrepreneurial endeavors, and tax contributions.”

Why do you pay higher taxes than Citibank?
New Jersey Globe (opinion)
“By April 15, millions of Americans will have dutifully filed their tax returns, upholding what is widely regarded as a civic responsibility. More than 9 in 10 American taxpayers agree on this obligation to pay their fair share of taxes – a rare consensus in our polarized society. But one group lacks this sense of duty and fairness when it comes to paying taxes: giant corporations.”

Highlight of the Week: Opportunity to Cancel Student Loan Debt

Many student loan borrowers have an opportunity to receive full student loan cancellation or more credit towards cancellation. The U.S. Department of Education will conduct a one-time adjustment this summer, but you may need to take steps to qualify.

The deadline to act is April 30, 2024. Here’s what you need to know; this information is also available as a printable flyer from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Visit the NASW website here for more information!