Felix Muchomba is an Assistant Professor at the School of Social Work. Dr. Muchomba’s research examines how policies and institutions influence the well-being of girls and women. His current approach is to study how (1) macro-level changes, including social and economic development and (2) gender discrimination within families, impact the health and well-being of girls and women. Under this research agenda, Dr. Muchomba has examined sexual and reproductive health and other issues that are pertinent to low-income families, with a focus on Eastern Africa, South Asia, and immigrants in the U.S. He is currently studying policy levers that may reduce disparities in maternal health.

Courses Taught: 

  • Quantitative Research Methods

  • Social Welfare Policy & Services II

  • Methods of Social Work Research I

Selected Recent Publications: 

Chegwin, V., Teitler, J., Muchomba, F. M., & Reichman, N. E. (2023). Racialized police use of force and birth outcomes. Social Science & Medicine 123, 115767. 
Muchomba, F. M., Teitler, J., & Reichman, N. E. (2022). Association between housing affordability and severe maternal morbidity. JAMA Network Open 5(11), e2243225.
Muchomba, F. M. (2022). Effect of schooling on anemia and nutritional status among women: A natural experiment in Ethiopia. American Journal of Epidemiology 191(10), 1722-1731.

Muchomba, F. M., Teitler, J., Kruse, L., & Reichman, N. E. (2021) Municipality-Level variation in severe maternal morbidity and association with municipal expenditures in New Jersey. JAMA Network Open 4(11), e2135161.

Muchomba, F. M. & Kaushal, N. (2021). Medicaid expansions and participation in Supplemental Security Income by noncitizens. American Journal of Public Health 111, 1106-1112.

Muchomba, F. M. (2021) Parents’ assets and child marriage: Are mother’s assets more protective than father’s assets? World Development, 138, 105226.

Muchomba, F. M. & Kaushal, N. (Accepted). Gender differences in immigrant assimilation activities: Evidence from time use data. Feminist Economics.